Stabilizers systems for Sauces and Seasoning

We offer a range of stabilizers for sauces and seasoning. First, we put our expertise at the service of our customers to develop tailor-made solutions. This is why we offer solutions adapt to all sauces productions. 

Then, our R&D experts has worked on several stabilizers systems. The idea is to be able to answer to every requests from our customers.

A wide range of stabilizers systems for sauces

Mix for Mayonnaise

Caragum International ® has developed several thickeners and stabilizers for mayonnaise sauce.

Indeed, we provide three different mix for mayonnaise :

  • 5-15% of fat : This mix allows to make a sauce mayonnaise with a reduced rate of oil. Without eggs and cold process.
  • 15-25% of fat : This mix allows to obtain a mayonnaise with a great texture using 25% of fat. Without eggs and cold process.
  • A mix for traditional mayonnaise : Very unctuous texture and a good taste of egg. Cold process.
french fries and ketchup on a dark background

Our wide range of stabilizers systems for sauces also contain several mix for ketchup and Barbecue sauces.

Using a hot process, the goal of our scientists is to reduce the amount of tomato concentration by maintaining the texture.

Thickeners and stabilizers for salad dressings

Finally, our R&D and Lab department has also launch a range of thickeners for salad dressings.

Mix thickener : This mix allows you to produce a salad dressing without egg, creamy and with only 25% of fat. Cold process.

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