POLYNAT®T11 : Interview with Cosmetic Latam

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ITW with Cosmetic Latam

Find here our interview with Cosmetic Latam, the major portal of news, innovations and trends about the cosmetic industry in Latin America.

Caragum International® is present in this area through a strong network of distributors for its food division. But even if our cosmetic business unit is well represented in Europe, she suffers of a lack of presence in Latin America. The goal is to make better known the POLYNAT®T11, our 100% vegetal texturizer and gelling agent.

Certified COSMOS, this ingredient will allow formulators to meet the aspirations of consumers. Indeed, they want more naturalness in products and reduced INCI lists. On this interview with Cosmetic Latam, we explain the benefits of using our vegetal texturizer.
This natural ingredient revolutionizes the technical field of possibilities by allowing formulators to push back the limits. The goal is to not compromized the quality and sensoriality of their emulsions. POLYNAT®T11 has the ability to form a gel through its insoluble fraction by creating steric hindrance and electrostatic repulsion. In fact, its soluble fraction contributes to the stabilization of emulsions by lowering the interfacial tension.