Cica-Nuit Sage Sleeping mask

Formulation Prize Contest

The « Silver Economy » is at the heart of the trends with a proportion of people over 60 years old that will reach 33% of the world population by 2050. The beauty industry has understood this and through the boom of « well ageing » or « happy ageing » no longer hesitates to highlight the Silvers. In fact, the idea is no longer to prevent the signs of ageing but to accompany them to feel good about themselves. Our cocooning formula offers to mature skin a unique sensoriality (97% naturalness) with its enveloping texture, its moisturizing and filmo-protective action. Thanks to a new vegetal texturizer and gelling agent. This vegetal ingredient revolutionizes the technical field of possibilities. It allow formulators to push back the limits. Indeed, our goal is to allow not to compromize the quality and sensoriality of their emulsions.

Cica-Nuit Sage, Sleeping mask

Cica-Nuit Sage contains divalent ions of copper and zinc in the form of PCA salts. They are distinguished by their electrolytic characteristics. It lead to a complex formulation behaviour. Our 100% vegetal texturizer and gelling agent presents a multi-functional solution that enhances stability, viscosity, pH and electrolyte resistance while obtaining an ultra soft and bouncy finish. This new COSMOS ingredient (100% PPAI) has the ability to form a gel. Then, through its insoluble fraction by creating steric hindrance and electrostatic repulsion. Its soluble fraction contributes to the stabilization of emulsions by lowering the interfacial tension. At 70, the consumer takes care of herself and likes to share her wisdom. By applying Cica-Nuit Sage with a relaxing massage every night, she takes care of her skin. Then, reconnects with her inner self and assumes her natural beauty.