POLYNAT®T11, the vegetal alternative

POLYNAT®T11, the vegetal alternative

Caragum International® offers, with POLYNAT®T11, a 100% vegetal ingredient for a greener formulation.  Then, in line with the trends related to the reduction of INCI lists and to the Green Beauty.

POLYNAT®T11 is a vegetal gum, an exudation obtained from the stems and branches of the natural sources of the Astragalus Gummifer. The majority of production is located in the Eurasian areas. The gum is harvested in ribbons from April to September and then pulverized into a fine powder.

POLYNAT®T11 has unique stabilizing and sensory properties

POLYNAT®T11 offers excellent suspensive properties and allows the suspension of elements such as : exfoliating particles, pigments, pearls. These suspensive properties also acts on the emulsion stabilizing properties of POLYNAT®T11.

Stable over a very wide pH spectrum, POLYNAT® T11 acts as a sensory activator for the formulation of gel textures. It allows to make it perfectly soft and shiny while maintaining a soft after-feel.

Our sensory activator brings transparency to your gel. It is a stabilizer and as such, it will be use to stabilize all your galenics like serums, milks, make up and even face creams.

With the development of the Green Beauty and the consumer’s request to more naturalness in cosmetics, POLYNAT® T11, with its 100% vegetal origin, really has a bright future in cosmetic formulation.