E-Cosmetagora 2021


E-Cosmetagora 2021

Caragum will be present at the next E-Cosmetagora 2021 in a digital version. We will promote our POLYNAT®T11, the vegetal alternative to synthetic polymers.

Then, this natural ingredient revolutionizes the technical field of possibilities by allowing formulators to push back the limits. It will not compromize the quality and sensoriality of their emulsions.

Astragalus Gummifer Gum for cosmetagora
tragacanth gum ribbon to be promote at the cosmetagora 2021

Prix de la Formulation

In addition, our R&D team worked hard to develop the formula for the Cica-Nuit Sage. This sleeping mask has been specially designed to answer to the theme of the contest which concerns « the Silvers of 2021 ». Our cocooning formula offers to mature skins a unique sensoriality (97% naturalness). Thanks to its enveloping texture, its moisturizing and filmo-protective action. It is obtained thanks to a new vegetal texturizer and gelling agent.

Cica nuit sage for cosmetagora 2021