COSMETAGORA Show : Meet us in Paris next 14-15 of January

Cosmetagora Show

Next 14-15 of January, our team of experts will attend the 2020 COSMETAGORA  Show in Paris.

So, meet us at Booth 36 (Quaron), and come discuss with us about the use of Tragacanth gum in cosmetics.

POLYNAT T10 : A unique sensory properties

Indeed, this natural gum is a great alternative to synthetic polymers. Moreover, it can be use in various applications.

  • Creams/Lotions : Emulsifier
  • Aqueous gel : Gelifier
  • Bandages : Healing agent
  • Toothpastes : Anti cariogenic

 Finally, the Tragacanth gum is an exudate of dried and crushed sap
obtained from the Astragalus Gummifer shrub.

Cosmetagora Show
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