Cheese Analogues : Stabilizer for Fresh Cheese

Bowl of cream cheese with green onions, dip sauce on wooden table.

First of all, our cheese analogues stabilizers systems are one of our most extensive lines of solutions. Indeed, the CARAGUM International’s Lab Center has worked hard to develop effective formulas for all types of cheese analogues. Finally, our know-how allows us to offer solutions adapted to our customers’ needs.

Cream Cheese stabilizer system

  • Smooth and shiny texture
  • No syneresis
  • No stickiness
  • Very good spreadability

Analogue of Greek Feta

In fact, CARACHEESE 4U is a combination of selected emulsifier and stabilizer. Both build a matrix between the milk protein and other ingredients leading to a strong network.

It allows you costs optimization thanks to :

  • Reduce proteins content
  • Possible replacement of butter by cream or vegetable fat
  • Prevent syneresis

As a conclusion, CARACHEESE 4U is enriching the cheese texture, mouthfeel and creaminess.

  • Cuttable and spreadable cheese
  • Firm and smooth texture
  • For premium to low cost.
  • For Tetrapack packaging
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