CARAMEAT, stabilizer and gelling agent for Meat

meat, stabilizer for meatball
meat, stabilizer for sausages
meat, stabilizer for plant-based burger

According to the Barclays bank, the global market for plant-based foods could reach $140 billion in 2030 and will account for nearly 10% of the world meat market.
We have developed a range of plant-based stabilizers for sausages with excellent filling and binding properties. It will stabilize your emulsion and suspend particles.

Caragum International® worked on stabilizers and thickeners for plant-based meat. In particularly, on cold emulsion technology in that industry. A good example to illustrate this technology is the mortadella. This is a  product based on meat or blend from beef, chicken…, where pieces of fat and spices are dispersed. In food technology we talk about a polydispersed system.

The classic formulation of a fine cold emulsion product is a blend of meat, fat and water bring by ice, stabilize by technical ingredients. According the product you need, you can adjust the formulation to design low protein or low fat product for example. However, you have to pay attention to the technical ingredients you use.

The CARAMEAT mimes the muscles proteins network and enhance the emulsion stability. The high amount of water catches by the carrageenan and fiber allow to get best yield and give the opportunity to design cost effective recipes.

Stabilizer for plant-based meat balls

  • Improve the texture
  • Enhance the water-binding capacities
  • Gives a better texture at eating temperature

Stabilizer for plant-based sausages

  •  Stabilizers based on vegetable proteins and hydrocolloids
  • Improves texture
  • Water binder filler
  • Stabilizes the texture, suspend particles and bind water
  • It will contribute to structural, emulsifying, binding and gelling qualities in sausages as well as to colour and flavour

Stabilizer for plant-based burger

  • Application for low meat content
  • Veggie product
  • Holds water to reduce syneresis, and allows to get a cohesive structure during the cooking step
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