Glycerol Ester of Wood Rosin – E445

In brief, Glycerol Ester of Wood rosin – E445 (CARAROSIN® BG CG389) is a complex mixture of abietic acid derived from old pine strains (Palustris and Elliottii), esterified on dietary glycerol.

CARAGUM offers you a new source of CARAROSIN®  BG CG389

In fact, this material is therefore soluble. That is why is use as a density adjuster and disturbing agent in juices made from concentrate.


BG CG389 E445


To conclude, the Glycerol Ester of Wood Rosin (E445) is pack with special strengthness, O2 Barrier, Inertization, Anti-Static and Modern Design.

glycerol ester of wood rosin

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