CARAFIBRE for cereal bars and breakfast cereals

Our CARAFIBRE stabilizes the texture. Its contribution in the cereal bars makes it possible by controlling the water activity (hygroscopy down) while mixing the ingredients. It will gives a lighter texture. Thanks to our product, we give a better bowl-life to your cereals.

Acacia gum

CARAFIBRE is an efficient emulsifier for cereals which eliminates the need to add lecithin in the syrup

The use of CARAFIBRE in cereal bars reduces the amount of sucrose while maintaining the same mixing properties as the syrup. The goal is to make it particularly useful for use in low carbohydrate products.

In addition to its use in cereal bars, CARAFIBRE and its multi-functional virtues are very important in breakfast cereals. Indeed, the presence of CARAFIBRE will improve the crispness of the product and allow a longer shelf life. Then, it will give a more homogeneous form to the cereal flake and a better texture especially in humid environments.

Producing cereals with CARAFIBRE is the best way to obtain a product with a high percentage of fibre.