Stirred Yogurts stabilizer system

What are the advantages of using our stabilizers systems for yogurts ?

 They reduce or eliminate the addition of skim milk powder  that is added to stirred yogurt process. Then,  this lower percentage of protein, will reduce the production cost of your yogurt.

 The stabilizers systems developed by CARAGUM International ® make it possible to reinforce the gel network. Indeed, it will improve the firmness of the product despite a low level of proteins. Moreover, bring a good viscosity to the yogurt.

Stirred Yogurts in glass pots

 Reduce the syneresis and limit the separation of whey

 It improve the mouthfeel. So, the consistency of yogurts is very creamy and unctuous.

Our R&D Center has developed several premix for stirred and set yogurts. We are currently developing a stabilizer for drinking yogurts.

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